Denisse Moralli was born and raised in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and spent her childhood helping her grandmother tailor clothes. As a child, she used to cycle around the town and imagine the interior of the buildings in the surrounding areas. During her school time, drawing and fine arts were her favorite subjects, which encouraged Denisse to start studying at The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FADU) in 2004.

During her years there she was awarded several prizes for architectural design and was invited to join the faculty team.

In 2009 Denisse joined the course of sculpture and visual arts at the National University of the Arts (UNA) following her curiosity in the relationship between creativity and intuition. She continued researching space and habitat and how they may affect human consciousness as well as our wellbeing.

For the past ten years, she has worked as a freelance architect in the field of commercial and residential architecture for private clients. During this time, she also held the position of project designer for “the Kourad architecture” and “Vanguarda Architects Buenos Aires” designing restaurants and retail stores, specializing on the interior and furniture design.

Her interest in the fusion of design and art initiated collaborations for various competitions with the following artists and architects:

Malvina Bali (International Competition for a Vertical Zoo, Buenos Aires), Ezequiel Spina (The Reform of Public Garden in Berazategui, Buenos Aires)

Max Zolwer, Leticia Balacek, Ramiro Gallardo of Galpon Estudio (Project Buenos Aires Central Post Office)

The urge to break away from conventional architecture led her to take several trips around Asia during 2011-2014.

Upon her return to Argentina, Denisse applied for a scholarship to study traditional Balinese Handicraft at ISI Denpasar, Bali.